Igniting Enthusiasm with Learning That Makes Sense
Skill: Beyond expectations
Will: Motivation from joy
Thrill: Continuous success
Inspired by John Hattie
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Guiding leaders as they navigate the root cause of education's BIGGEST problem

Jack Canfield &
Dr. Lyle Lee Jenkins

Jack Canfield, American author and corporate trainer, interviews Lee Jenkins about his book, "How to Create a Perfect School". They also discuss how to keep students intrinsically motivated to learn. The latest results with his LtoJ® process, from 311 K-12 classrooms, reflects they are learning at 5.9 times the average classroom.
improvement is attainable
Is it possible for children to have...

...the skill to exceed expectations for education,
...the will to engage in the learning, and
...the thrill that comes from continued success

With the educational culture we've inherited,
the answer is no, but there is a better way!

We have created proven resources and can partner with you to develop a navigation system to lead your organization or homeschool to...

Better Outcomes and Happier Kids.
the ideal navigation system


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"Lee's leadership and expertise have been instrumental in providing a strong foundation for district-wide vision-centered academic vertical alignment. He has provided Happy Valley staff with tools to design classroom practices that increase student learning and enthusiasm toward education"
Shelly Craig
Superintendent, Happy Valley School District, California
"Lee's process has the same level of engagement as many of the games that kids play. We know that if the loss of enthusiasm is ever reversed it will be because kids are engaged with impactful learning every year, Pre-K to 12."
Bill Watkins
Director, Marcola School District, Oregon
"One of the best aspects of LtoJ is that it is a process and not a pre-packaged program. This means teachers in PLC's can adjust the questions and the key concepts list."
Angela Willnerd
Grade 1 Teacher, Linden Elementary School, Nebraska