Literature for Educators

How to Create a Perfect School

Parents and educators have the same desire: to hear students exclaim, "School is challenging, but I love it!" Unfortunately, our current education system does very little to produce these results. Why? Because we do not know how to preserve and grow students' intrinsic motivation.

How to Create a Perfect Home School

Lyle Lee Jenkins and Kelly Hawkinson Lippert wrote How to Create a Perfect Home School to solve the biggest education problem in the U.S. and Canada: how to keep children's inborn love of learning alive while they gain the knowledge they are expected to achieve.

Optimize Your School

Is your school or district heading in the right direction? In this essential guide for leaders, Lee Jenkins shows how to unite and energize your team as never before while helping your students to love learning and crave achievement.

From Systems Thinking to Systemic Action

Systems thinking is a powerful tool that helps school system leaders guide and sustain school improvement. Use this practical guide to implement systems thinking in your school system today!